What we do…

NNSLSC is a not for profit organisation, run by volunteers, completely reliying on fundraising, grants, donations and sponsorship from the public and business to supply its members with up to date training and equipment.

Our flags were designed by PAN Publicity free of charge and this website by one of our members. We are always grateful for any offer of support, especially as we grow as a club.

We run beach training on Sundays from April, until it’s light enough for us to move to a Wednesday evening for our juniors, whilst the senior groups continue on Sunday morning and also a fitness focused Friday evening.

During the winter months we run separate swim training sessions on a Friday evening for our junior and seniors.

Our members are of all ages starting at 7+, from a broad range of backgrounds and we encourage anyone who wants to have a taster to come along to a session.

There are three age groups to our training and these are Seniors (18+), Youth (12-18) and Nippers (7-11). The juniors are split into seperate groups based upon ability and for our seniors we have an experienced lifeguard qualified group along with an open session for those newer to the sport.

Once a month from May to August we also run an inter-club Ocean Man competition that includes a swim, a run and a board paddle. This is split out between Juniors, Seniors and Nippers and is open to anyone who wants to take part.

SLSGB is the officiating body for the UK beach lifeguarding qualification so if you have an interest in becoming a beach lifeguard then pop along for a session also!

For any specific questions about training please do not hesitate to Get In Touch.