Current training session guidance.

Before each session the track and trace form must be completed (links below). Unfortunately if it has not completed before a session then you will not be able to train.
The information is held for 1 month.

Senior Session Track and Trace
Junior Session Track and Trace

Ahead of each session, if the answer to any of the 3 questions below is yes then you must not attend. Please also be aware that we will not be able to administer any first aid.

1. Are you experiencing any coronavirus symptoms?
2. Have you been in contact with a confirmed coronavirus patient in the past 14 days?
3. Have you been in contact with anyone self-isolating for 7-14 days?

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For all training sessions government social distancing guidlines are to be adhered to at all times.

Only one designated person is to enter the clubhouse to remove and return equipment.

If you have been in another organised sporting activity bubble (such as football, tennis etc.) within 24 hours of beach training, you cannot unfortunately attend.

By attending a session you confirm that the answer to all the required questions is a no and that the paticipant has no existing health issues that we are unaware of.

Specific to junior sessions

We will stagger the session into groups (bubbles) and adhere to social distancing guidelines for both juniors and their parent/guardian.

Each session will be for 1 hour and as soon as the session is complete your child will need to head off and not hang around. If you are late for your session there will unfortunately not be an opportunity to catch up with the group.

There will be an ongoing rotation of bubbles and for now attendance is by invite only on a weekly basis. If there are any weeks you know you cannot attend please let us know and we’ll do what we can to accommodate.

Each bubble will have a designated coach who will only be associated with that particular bubble. Each junior will be allocated equipment (such as a board) and must only use or touch that piece of equipment and no other. There must be no mixing of bubbles from anyone, parent/guardians, lifeguards, coaches etc. The overall lead coach will have socially distanced conversations with the other coaches and lifeguards though for safety.

If any of this makes you uncomfortable or anxious about a training session please know there is no pressure at all to return. No one is going to lose a place in club and will be welcomed back once everything gets back to a more normal level.